Mana – Our Instruments

Here are the instruments used on “Book of Sand”:

Mana Instruments

Clockwise from left: Bass clarinet, Hang Drum (a modern day version of the Caribbean steel drum which looks like a space ship and sounds like heaven), Zouk (Irish Bouzouki), Nylon Acoustic Guitar, Finger Cymbals, Cittern, Rain Stick (at back), Soprano Saxophone, Low Bansuri flute, Bansuri flute, Tambourine, Darbuka, Tablas, Majozinator (one of a kind wind instrument combining kazoo with advanced plumbing technology), Ektara/Tumbi, Udu, Arghul (Egyptian snake charmer), Shell Stick, Singing Bowl, Charango, Ukulele.

Not pictured or virtual: Violin, Keyboards, Steel Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Clarinet, Vocals, Throat and Overtone singing, Percussion, Flute, Variax Soz/Banjo, Zil, Zurna, Oud, Nyatiti, Tef, Bendir, Accordian, Davul, Riq, Gongs, Castanets, Tonbak.

Preview 4 – Shanti Madness

Book of Sand small

Still don’t try this at home! “Shanti Madness” is an epic, cheeky and ebullient piece of musical anarchy which has everything but the kitchen sink in terms of melody rhythms and instrumentation. Yet it seamlessly and tastefully blends Western, middle- and far-Eastern genres, bringing together raga, string quartet, fusion jazz, mbaqanga and flamenco.